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Tennis grips

I absolutely love the funky and retro tennis grips ...they are such good quality and delivery is very fast

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Tara Tober
My players love these grips

I’m a parent of two kids who play a lot of tennis. They absolutely love these grips and I find that they last a really long time, making them worth the extra cost.

Find Your Flair Pack
Vita T.
Nice overgrips

Design is realy nice! Shipping was quite fast and I got on time, it’s comfortable, hand doesn’t slide off the racket and doesn’t sweat!! So far so good :)

Liquid Motion
Keona Glass
Different and unique

These are practical, functional and really stand out. This particular design goes perfectly with my sons rackets. If you want to glow up your rackets with a design that's totally you, then there are the grips to go for. Purchased a few from these people and they do perform and really stand out.

Spray & Play
Tjorben Cuyvers

Nice look

Paint The Lines
Stephanie G

Love them. They are so great and easy to apply

Liquid Motion
Pablo Silva
Comfy and awesome-looking

It was easy to put on the racket, it feels great and looks great, too!

Purple Haze
Caitlin Dorigan

Purple Haze

Serve & Vibe
Jessica Cooper

The grip is cute but not very grippy

Find Your Flair Pack
Selina Schulze
Super grip

Very good

Nicole Heinrich

My son love them

Easy and Gorgeous Design

These wraps took my racquets from looking old and sad to new and gorgeous! It was my first time repairing a racquet (I watched a YouTube on how to remove the old wraps) and it was so easy - and easy to refit if you make a mistake. The ombre makes it easy to do without having to be perfect. I get so many compliments :)

Strawberries & Cream
Gabrielle Pickler
great grip

I love the material. No slipping when my hand is sweaty. super cute!

good feel

10 Grips - Mix & Match - SAVE 25%

good feel


Looks incredible. I absolutely love this company.

Smash Hit Pack
Tarryn Stokker

Smash Hit Pack

Not Specific Pickleball Grips!

The pickleball grips are exactly the same as the tennis racket grips I ordered. I expected the pickleball ones to be shorter and cheaper as not as much material is needed it would be better to have them ready cut to the right size to save the hassle when out and about.

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Ann Hatch

I’ve used these over grips for a couple of years. They look great but don’t last very long. I do play a lot

Serve & Vibe

Bad quality

Great colors

I really like my over grips. Great colors and just the right amount of tackiness.

Far Out Pack
LAP, Boulder, CO
Lots of attention!

My Get a Grips are fun. They get a lot of attention and they are unique on the court. I do wish they were a bit more sticky. I don’t think they’ll be as durable as my other brand wraps.


The over grips are amazing and colourful, these were a gift for my son who was extremely happy with them.

the grip is so cute and doesn't get dirty too quickly. the socks ate comfy and the dampener is cute

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Tyler Smith
Great patterns but no tac

I absolutely love the designs, but I won’t be buying again because it doesn’t have enough tack to help with my grip