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Paint The Lines
Anne Mappley
Cool coloured grips

So pleased with my purchase and so love the different colours. Great gifts for tennis friends

Really cute

Cute little dampener. Nice quality

Spring & Bounce
Maritza Masterson
It’s colorful

Haven't put it in my racket yet

10 Grips - Mix & Match
Amarilla Molnar
Funky grips

I love ordering my tennis grips from Getagrip! They last well absorb sweat and look really cool! Always get a comment and I recommend them! Good job guys keep creating new designs . I would love some cat and dog grips or flowers :)

Serve & Vibe

Too slippery to function how I’d like. I’ll be sticking with the pro shop grips for $2.

Paint The Lines
Popie Angki

I didnt receive my order, and no reply email from them

6 Grips - Mix & Match
Colleen Frank
Great value. Love it

Love the product and they are very soft. ( which is good)

Spots socks!

What do we want?
Change your spots socks!
When do we want 'em?
(Also, visors please).
Great design. 👍

Serve & Vibe
susan berry
Kate Middleton Inspiration

When I saw the photo of Kate Middleton playing Roger Federer using that Serve & Vibe grip, I thought what a great gift for my tennis team as our League Season was about to begin. I bought one for each lady on my team and they loved them!

Charged Up
Tammy Schwab

Charged Up

3 Grips - Mix & Match
Patricia Lusty
Brilliant Tennis Grips

I have found these grips absolutely brilliant and I have recommended to friends.

Charged Up
Harry Rea
Charged up

Fav grip so far!

Love the colors

Just put mine on! Looks great! Now to see how they hold up!

Serve & Vibe
Erika K
Great grip, great socks

I bought this when I saw it on a friend’s racket, and our tennis pro coach said it was a great grip. So it’s cute, and quality. Same can be said for the socks!

Charged Up
Pretty damn good!

My boyfriend says they're too grippy (if there even is such a thing) but I won 5-0 so I'm pretty pleased with our new grips!

Serve & Vibe
Mary Conaway
Fun Vibrant Grip

The feel of the grip is great but more importantly the grip is colorful and fun

Serve & Vibe
Colleen Boylan
fun exciting colorful grip

love the fun colors of these grips! tennis fun in a useful personality way!

Much needed

I love the over grip feel, and definitely can’t beat the look.


I gave these to my tennis team. They love the design and looked great as a group. It was a fun things to do as a group. It is unsure how they liked them as a grip to improve their game.

Serve & Vibe
Juanita Bleecker
Awesome grips

I love my new vibrant grips. The colors are awesome and make the racquets look fresh and like new. Highly recommend.

Purple Haze
Andrew Wooler
Great grip

I gave these grips a shot from my other grips and they are a lot better they don’t slip at all

Spring & Bounce
Sharel Macon
Get a grip

I love these grips. They are very durable

Hot Mess
Thomas Connell

Hot Mess

Grips and next order

I have loved the grips that I have used. I have enjoyed them that much that I have ordered another 24 more.

However, the 24 that I ordered nearly 3 weeks ago have NOT arrived yet despite sending 3 emails requesting when they would arrive!!!

Achievement Get: A Grip

My friend and I have been using the overgrips I ordered for just over a week now, and they're absolutely amazing so far!!!